A tip for Social Selling: select your engagements


First a quick what is social selling about?  is  not about delivering a selling pitch using social channels. Is about using social networking to leverage to make more efficient the process of helping a customer to solve a problem. The use of social tools to improve the essential function of every business, relationships with its customers and stakeholders

And now how can be done? what are the key aspects to address?

TRUST; The most important in my opinion is to build (or to have)  a reputation and that is something that ultimately depends on each person and no tech is going to help. But you can articulate your existing customer references to reach new prospects, and there is  when social channels are such an efficient channel. The key is to follow the “language “ of each social network; what and how your target prospects use that particular network? In the case of LinkedIn, an obvious one could be an industry group in a particular conversation that verse around a need or a problem that your type of customer is experiencing.

Ok, so that is the where they hang out, so now; How do you approach them in that sweet spot?

In my experience people are very wary of a direct pitch, is considered almost rude to go with a generic sales pitch that most likely is not adapted to that particular discussion, it show that you have not spent the time to read trough the threat of comments and ultimately that you don´t care. So here is where the art start, is about the personal ability of each salesman to have a conversation that adds value to the discussion while leads to “I want to know more “ .. and that requires time.

So the only secret weapon is time, and while I can not give you more time, we have not build a machine that creates time , we can help you in using more effectively the time you have , selecting just the conversations that are worthy to pursue

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