Team, Thinking & Technology

The Thinking Behind

Relevance is a very personal matter to be left alone to machines, algorithms or any other way to automate things , at least for the moment. But there is also a lot to be done to improve how we deal with the continuos stream of information generated around us. For many, ignore it or disregard most of it will be an option to deal with the problem but for some others finding the gems hidden or just being effective in managing their networks is a task worth to pursue. For those we created

The Team behind

Jorge Araluce


Jorge has More than 15 years B2B sales experience with background in business, Career in high tech companies like Cisco, with an obsession to disrupt the B2B sales market.

Almudena Ruiz

Data scientist

The  data scientist is a cum laude Phd in artificial intelligence and recommender systems, deep technical expertise with an addiction to social systems.

Daniel Ibáñez

Back-end developer

Daniel is a software engineer with more than 8 years of experience in companies like Amazon and others in the business intelligence and big data area. He loves excellence, optimizing time and constant improvement.

Xavier Campillo

UX & Front-end developer

The UX and Front-end developer had run his own consultancy in web development for many years, and has simplicity as an obsession.

The Technology

Our core engine is based in mathematics, statistics and systems that learn -machine learning- a branch of artificial intelligence that learns form data .The algorithm analyses data (the aggregate text of your selections) to recognize patterns, that uses then to classify every new piece of information for a fit into the pattern. And that is why is critical that you teach the system with a good range of examples, as it will only be as good as you instructed it to be.