Welcome to the age of Social Selling


2015 will be the year when Social Selling goes mainstream. The usefulness of social networks in business is a fact, but we are only beginning to understand how to harness social networks to unlock the Social Selling true potential.Social Selling goes far beyond selling. Social Selling is related to the trade mark’s notoriety, reputability and
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networking with the power of technology


Relevante.me is all about helping you find the right business contact at the right time to maximise your opportunities. It’s automated lead generation but with human-style intelligence.We’ve all signed up to the latest social networks and business networking tools: sometimes they help us find the right person, allowing for “social selling”, but most of the
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Key points to use Linkedin Groups and boost your business


Linkedin allows us to receive information and contacts classified and qualified .The founder and partner recruiter PR Paradigm Staffing and Hoojobs, Lindsay Olson says on her blog that LinkedIn “no need to sell , but to build relationships. … . , Observes and participates to build confidence in the other. ”  Using Linkedin Professional Groups
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Caving the Web – Dealing with social network users


Many applications and companies are currently using the potential of Big Data Analytics in different ways. Smart cities, customer segmentation, or personal and public health are just some of the use cases. Data are out there, online, stored in databases, accessible through APIs, social networks,… The race of applications using complex algorithms to analyze the
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Getting ready to launch ..features preview (1)


As we are getting close to get ready for an early adopter version ( you can request an invitation here) I would like to do a quick review of the key features of our service, starting by the so call for now – “suggestions”The main purpose of this feature is to help your filter to
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Content Marketing: 3 steps to make it personal


The objective of marketing is to reinforce the move of a prospect to the next stage towards the sale. It is clear that providing the right information at each phase of the customer journey would increase the conversion and so should be a goal for the marketer. There are a growing number of companies using
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Sharing updates to Build your professional brand


Personal branding sounds weird specially when you are not into sales because after all we are not brands, are we ? The word brand may have negative implications in a word overloading with brand advertisement but we all agree that a professional image is more than a suit and a business card.There is a tool
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A tip for Social Selling: select your engagements


First a quick what is social selling about?  is  not about delivering a selling pitch using social channels. Is about using social networking to leverage to make more efficient the process of helping a customer to solve a problem. The use of social tools to improve the essential function of every business, relationships with its
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