Welcome to the age of Social Selling


2015 will be the year when Social Selling goes mainstream. The usefulness of social networks in business is a fact, but we are only beginning to understand how to harness social networks to unlock the Social Selling true potential.Social Selling goes far beyond selling. Social Selling is related to the trade mark’s notoriety, reputability and
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Caving the Web – Dealing with social network users


Many applications and companies are currently using the potential of Big Data Analytics in different ways. Smart cities, customer segmentation, or personal and public health are just some of the use cases. Data are out there, online, stored in databases, accessible through APIs, social networks,… The race of applications using complex algorithms to analyze the
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A tip for Social Selling: select your engagements


First a quick what is social selling about?  is  not about delivering a selling pitch using social channels. Is about using social networking to leverage to make more efficient the process of helping a customer to solve a problem. The use of social tools to improve the essential function of every business, relationships with its
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