Content Marketing: 3 steps to make it personal


The objective of marketing is to reinforce the move of a prospect to the next stage towards the sale. It is clear that providing the right information at each phase of the customer journey would increase the conversion and so should be a goal for the marketer. There are a growing number of companies using buyer persona profiles that adapt their content to the type of profile of their customers to make it more relevant.

However, the complexity comes in the execution. How to deliver segmented content to each prospect according to their sales stage and profile?

What if instead of a generic advertisement blast you could filter your messages according to the actual interest of your targets or even more, deliver the message via a trusted source?

This is what we call Long Tail Marketing, and here I am going to outline a way to make it not only possible but highly effective.

1) First you need to do your homework; define the way your customers express each of their needs that your product solves. You could do that by a big brainstorming session or your could go to the forums where they are expressing their needs and problems to take notice. There you could use our system to record them, by yourself or with the help of your sales teams (they are good at identifying customer needs)

2) Second, source the right content for each problem-solution. That could be pieces of content developed internally or could be even content curated from 3rd party sources like articles, news, blog post, presentations… Anything that can be easily shared over the social networks. Again you can use our service to create filters that screen every group to find those specific pieces of content.

3) And third, deliver the message. That is where it gets a bit trickier. You could spread the pieces across selected groups where your customer ought to be; there is a cool service to do that called Oktopost (not affiliated with us). However the ideal situation would be to deliver the message in the form of a comment or replay in a discussion that verses about the need. To locate that sort of conversations across the entire stream is why we have created

There is a lot to be said about how to make it not to sound like a direct sales pitch but in a way that add value to the discussion. You will not only help the people involved in that discussion but also the passive audience of that group (already a qualification) reading that specific thread, what is a very segmented target audience. The bonus is that, if done right, some of them might comment, like or re-share your comment, and that activity will be showed at each of the personal homepages of all of their connections. You will multiply your reach with a very relevant message.

I would like to hear your thoughts or experiences, so please leave a comment or get in touch.

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