Getting ready to launch ..features preview (1)


As we are getting close to get ready for an early adopter version ( you can request an invitation here) I would like to do a quick review of the key features of our service, starting by the so call for now – “suggestions”

The main purpose of this feature is to help your filter to be more effective , a more accurate representation of your actual interest.

The idea behind is that in real conversations , comments and other content people tend to use together a number of words that “goes together” . This is an interactive search-suggestion- search process , which means that each time results gets closer to the concept of your interest.

The power of this function comes in two ways ; First it gives your intelligent filter a more specific yet broader base of content to select the conversations and posts that verse about the right subjects even if they have not any of your initial keywords.

And second , it could be use to give you ideas or insights about topics related to your interest that may not necessarily be aware new trends, products, competitors..this could be either use to improve the scope of your initial target interest or give you an idea to explore a new dimension and  eventually  start a new filter . Let us know your best uses of it¡

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