Key points to use Linkedin Groups and boost your business


Linkedin allows us to receive information and contacts classified and qualified .

The founder and partner recruiter PR Paradigm Staffing and Hoojobs, Lindsay Olson says on her blog that LinkedIn “no need to sell , but to build relationships. … . , Observes and participates to build confidence in the other. ”

Using Linkedin Professional Groups allow, through participation in them, reinforce your Professional Positioning, generate traffic to your profile and build relationships.

Is key select which groups participate, to avoid wasting time on a target that is not interesting for our professional work. Therefore, when selecting those that interest you, consider a number of points :

  • Demographics members.

These data members that facilitates Linkedin includes information on Seniority , corporate function, location and sector they belong to. With this basic information you can find out if it’s your target market.

  • Growth data.

Linkedin reports the total number of members that make up the professional group, growth every week, and the percentage increase/decrease compared to the previous week.

  • Activity Data

Data reporting the activity of the group as a number of posts, number of reviews, etc..

Once you ‘ve joined a group, you can give you that belong to the same do not add much :

  • The group is not within my niche
  • Long ago in which I do not participate for various reasons, lack of time, interest or contents are not expected.
  • I will not meet “interesting contacts”.

And you do not have the feeling of not having time to realize the full potential of Linkedin ? Therefore we have developed platform that lets you find those contacts and information that you really care .

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