Sharing updates to Build your professional brand


Personal branding sounds weird specially when you are not into sales because after all we are not brands, are we ? The word brand may have negative implications in a word overloading with brand advertisement but we all agree that a professional image is more than a suit and a business card.

There is a tool still underutilized by most that helps in this professional brand building and is the sharing and commenting of industry news, updates and events.

It is clear that your professional network of connections is the one that have to be worked, but up to now, the way we do it is one by one (emails, calls or at offline at events).  That can be improve it in terms of efficiency.

There is an approach followed by some that consist in sharing everything to everyone ,using email newsletters or even automatic robot to post twitter updates. It has proven to have a ratio of successes that although very low is worthy as the investment is neglectible . But the hidden cost of alienating most of your network with spam just to get your message to people that ultimately does not care should be off limits to most of us.

So, is there any other way ? yes , the path of relevancy . What if you could share a piece of information taylor made to the particular interest of each one of connetions in an automatic way so it can be done to your hundress or thousands of contacts at the same time.

Well , now you can partially do that with existing social tools and some that we are going to develop soon. A few steps to follow:

1-you should connect to have many as your targets (the ones that you are interested in building your professional image for)

2-Find out what they care about and segment them accordingly

3-Find or build relevant pieces of information that cater to each interest , add your judgement as appropriate

4-Share that info selectively at each segemented group , dimmesion or even individuals

We will be sharing tips on how to do it in this blog, but as an advance notice ,our service will help you with that, so stay tuned and let us know what you will like us to build for you

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