Welcome to the age of Social Selling


2015 will be the year when Social Selling goes mainstream. The usefulness of social networks in business is a fact, but we are only beginning to understand how to harness social networks to unlock the Social Selling true potential.

Social Selling goes far beyond selling. Social Selling is related to the trade mark’s notoriety, reputability and prestige. But more than anything, it provides the opportunity. Social Selling connects us with new customers at the precise moment and allows us to know them. However, to exploit this potential, some activities should be considered.

Share information, don’t be stingy about content. Share your knowledge, your thoughts and insights, and your subject matter expertise.
Increase your contacts and establish relationships of trust, by sharing interesting content.
Make in-person networking, even through social media. Be sure to connect with each person you meet and create a follow up plan.
Create a schedule to look up your prospects on Social Networks. Connect with them through several channels: visit her profile, give “like”, “comment” or “sharing” on the published content, participate on her conversations, …

Relevante.me makes these activities much easier: managing several social networks at a glance, discovering and monitoring leads and integrating the ways to contact with clients.

And, don’t forget it: results should be assessed and measured. If your actions increase your contacts, then you are on the right track. Furthermore, if your published content is interesting you will receive interactions from your contacts (likes, comments, shares, …), meaning that you are achieving your goals and you will reach your final customer.

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